New funding to help the homeless

SINGLE homeless people will be helped thanks to funding for a new project in Eastbourne.

Brighton Housing Trust has been awarded the cash to set up the first Private Rented Sector Access schemes in the area.

These are aimed at helping people reliant on benefits or limited incomes who face challenges in finding private rented accommodation.

The local grant has come from the Department of Communities and Local Government which has given homelesssness charity Crisis £2 million for 49 new projects to help single homeless people find new homes and lasting independence.

Each project will receive a grant of up to £50,000 each for the coming year and target individuals who often struggle to find accommodation, including ex-offenders, young people under 25 and people living in temporary homeless hostels.

Crisis chief executive Leslie Morphy said, “Single homeless people rarely meet the criteria to acquire council accommodation and finding a flat in the private rented sector can be a complex and expensive option.

“They need advice and help, but in many areas of the country, these specialist services are simply not there.

“Crisis asked local voluntary organisations to bid for these new funds so that we can kick-start the establishment of new private rented sector access schemes.

“These schemes will help people overcome financial barriers, match them to good landlords and help more individuals avoid the perils of homelessness.”