New bus stop locations revealed for Eastbourne town centre

It could be all change for bus stops in Eastbourne town centre as part of a revised transport improvement scheme.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 11:27 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 11:28 am

Originally west bound bus stops were to be relocated from Terminus Road’s Diesel Alley to Cornfield Road under the Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

But the county and borough councils behind the scheme now say they could be moved to Gildredge Road instead with buses going via South Street before turning right.

East bound stops will still be located in Cornfield Road on the Bruford’s Jewellers side of the street.


It follows on from a scheme last year when bus stops were relocated to the left hand side of Gildredge Road.

Transport officials say that during the course of a design process and through further liaison with Eastbourne bus operators, it was decided to review the possibility of placing west bound buses in Gildredge Road not Cornfield Road as indicated in the initial design.

Now that proposal will undergo further development followed by consultation.

“This has the added benefits of reducing traffic through Terminus Road by 50 per cent and addressing the issue of a high concentration of buses in one location,” said a spokesperson.


“There have been some changes from the original scheme including taking out flower beds originally planned for the centre of Cornfield Road to enable safer movement of buses.

“We are also reviewing possible alternative locations for the placement of westbound bus stops, which would mean not all the bus stops would be sited in Cornfield Road.

“This would reduce traffic along Terminus Road by around half, assisting in one of the scheme objectives of creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment.”

“Alongside the proposals to extend the Arndale Centre, Eastbourne and East Sussex councils, together with Stagecoach, Brighton & Hove Buses, Southern Rail and Network Rail have been working together, to look at ways of improving the town centre.

“The resulting scheme will ensure public transport continues to work well in terms of meeting the needs of passengers while providing an attractive environment along Terminus Road and Cornfield Road which will attract visitors, residents and new businesses to the area.