Never mind the snow and ice, reservoir levels are still down!

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THE RECENT snow and freezing temperatures are not helping to refill Sussex reservoirs in time for the expected spring and summer demand.

That’s the view of South East Water, who revealed that this January saw around 50 per cent of the average rainfall expected for the month.

Ardingly reservoir is now standing at about 42 per cent full, but Arlington reservoir is faring better, and is now at about 75 per cent.

That’s because there have been high flows of water in the adjacent River Cuckmere, from which water is directly abstracted, which has helped fill the reservoir more quickly.

But the focus of the extended dry autumn and winter to date is not just on its reservoirs – South East Water is concerned its underground aquifers in Sussex and Kent are still showing no real signs of refilling, while some are approaching “severe” status in terms of levels.

More than three-quarters of the region’s drinking water comes from aquifers which are filled by rain which runs through porous ground such as chalk and limestone.