Nearly one in 10 living in fuel poverty in Eastbourne

fuel poverty
fuel poverty

Almost one in 10 people in Eastbourne are believed to be living in fuel poverty.

According to the latest figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, 9.2 per cent of the town is suffering fuel poverty, defined as not having enough money to heat your home adequately.

Living in a cold home can lead to a range of serious, often life-threatening, health conditions from asthma attacks to major respiratory diseases. In Britain there is an increase in the numbers of heart attacks and strokes following a cold spell.

To tackle this East Sussex County Council has allocated £300,000 to protect vulnerable individuals and communities. The money will be used to provide community advice through trained Energy Champions to identify people at risk of fuel poverty and support them to get help and advice on staying warm and well. There is also information on where to get specialist advice on benefit entitlements and details of where to get repairs to keep your home warmer or make it cheaper to heat. Services and support are being co-ordinated and delivered by the district and borough councils, the NHS, and voluntary and community sector organisations.

If someone in your household is disabled, or if you are a family with children and on a low income, you may qualify for a Winter Home Check service. You may also be concerned that a friend, relative or neighbour is living in a cold home. If so, contact the Winter Home Check Service by calling Social Care Direct on 0345 6080191 or email

The Winter Home Check Service can provide a full assessment of your home, small preventative works, such as improving insulation, clearing gutters or chimneys, providing emergency temporary heating and advice on getting help with the cost of heating your home.