Nathan’s special day – in more ways than one

Nathan with his mum on his wedding day
Nathan with his mum on his wedding day

A COUPLE organised their wedding in just a week so the groom’s dying mother could see her youngest son’s special day.

When 68-year-old Paulette Michael was diagnosed with untreatable Primary Cerebral Lymphomas and given just weeks to live, she asked her son Nathan, who was planning to get married in a year or two, to bring his wedding forward.

Nathan and his partner Karen Murray, who live in Purley, then cancelled the four star holiday to Greece they had booked and started to arrange their big day in Eastbourne.

Paulette has four children and they all rallied round to help care for their mother.

Nathan’s sister Rowan Sheppard, who has been commuting from her home in Plymouth to visit her mum, also had to let her husband and children go on their holiday without her.

Rowan said, “Due to my brother and the immense kindness of my sister-in-law they decided to plan their wedding in two weeks and get married.

“They have a five-month-old son and between commuting between Purley and Seaford for two weeks and my brother working full-time, they set about finding a dress, booking a venue, getting flowers, a photographer, a cake and suits and rings.”

Planning the wedding proved stressful for the couple as they were unable to have a church wedding at such short notice.

Rowan added, “My brother wanted a church wedding but unfortunately the church didn’t seem to understand the urgency of the situation.”

They also had problems booking the registrar because when they went to their local registry office in Croydon they were told the 14 day notice period could not be waived.

Rowan said, “For the first week my sister-in-law couldn’t book anything as the registrar would not waive the 14 day wait period even though my brother had a letter from the hospice. My sister-in-law was in tears.”

However, the situation was resolved and the couple tied the knot with all their family present at Eastbourne’s Grand Hotel on September 15.

Rowan said, “It meant everything to my mother to be there on the day. The Grand Hotel made this day so special, the staff were exceptional.

“Having worked at Marriott Hotels I am experienced in hotel service and their service was without fault.

“The day went without a hitch and provided the last large family occasion that our family will experience with our mother. We cannot thank them enough and it was lovely to have this beautiful day.”