Mystery ‘Victorian figure’ at Eastbourne cliff edge

editorial image

A Herald reader spotted something “not quite right” when he took a photograph at Beachy Head recently.

He says the photo he took on his smart phone shows what he believes to be a woman in Victorian dress standing at the cliff edge.

He said, “The picture has been baffling me since I took it on Airbourne Sunday.

“I was walking near the cliff edge near Belle Tout Lighthouse and took a few pictures.

“On one of the pictures I noticed something that I feel should not be there.

“I’ve shown the picture on my smart phone to friends and family members and asked them what do they see.

“They all have said it looks like a Victorian dressed lady standing right near the cliff edge.

“It would be good to get a professional opinion on the picture as it freaked me out a little.”

Our picture and visual editor has his own thoughts but what do you think?