Mystery surrounds Belle Tout fatal cliff fall

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MYSTERY surrounds the death of a Kent woman who plunged to her death from cliffs at Belle Tout this weekend.

Police originally thought Laraine Goodwin from Sevenoaks in Kent had either lost her footing and slipped off the cliff falling 300 feet to her death or been blown over on Saturday afternoon.

Police at the scene

Police at the scene

But the Gazette understands officers are now treating the incident as suicide.

The drama unfolded as 49-year-old Mrs Goodwin was walking along the cliffs at the beauty spot with her husband and their dog,

Onlookers watched in horror as the woman fell just west of the lighthouse, which provides bed and breakfast tourist accommodation.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and as police officers and ambulance crews looked after the woman’s distraught husband, the Eastbourne lifeboat was called out to recover the woman’s body from the beach below.

A car, parked at nearby Birling Gap, was later taken away by officers.

Mrs Goodwin had been in Eastbourne for the day with her husband from their home in Sevenoaks in Kent.

They have now ruled that theory out and are treating it as a potential suicide.