Mum speaks out after car cash theft

Police Car / Incident Stock Pic (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150219-155609001
Police Car / Incident Stock Pic (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150219-155609001

A mum has spoken out to warn parents after a theft from her car while her child was in the back seat.

Katie Crockford-Knott had parked outside her shop, The Vapour Room, on Langney Road on Tuesday February 3, and ran in to get her laptop.

But within seconds a thief had opened her car door, and snatched items from her bag, including her purse, credit cards and a substantial amount of cash, all in front of her seven-year-old daughter.

Katie’s partner chased the thief, who was wearing a green puffer jacket, but he managed to get away.

“I just want to make people aware,” said Katie. “There are so many chancers, we have got to be aware all the time.”

Police arrived at the scene, but no-one has been arrested. Katie said she would offer a £500 reward for information which leads to a conviction.

Sussex Police said, “At 8.56am on February 3 we received a report that a man had just taken a purse from the front seat of an unlocked parked car in Langney Road, and had run off. The area was searched but he was not found. A seven-year old child was in the back of the car but it is thought possible that the man did not realise this.”

After the incident, there was happier news for the family, when Katie and her partner Thoren Webster visited Newcastle on Valentine’s Day, and he proposed on the Millennium Bridge.