Mum set for fun run after son’s meningitis ordeal

Rachel Tuppen with her son Dylan Tuppen in Running gear.
Rachel Tuppen with her son Dylan Tuppen in Running gear.

A MUM whose poorly baby had to be rushed to hospital for treatment is getting set to put on her running shoes for the charity who helped her following his diagnosis.

Rachel Tuppen who lives in Sutton Park Road, Seaford, had to take 10-month-old Dylan to hospital, and was shocked to find he had contracted bacterial meningitis.

She had taken the youngster to the GP because he had not been himself and Dylan stayed in hospital overnight.

The next day the mother-of-three was told it was a viral infection and the pair were sent home.

But after his condition worsened, Rachel took him back to her GP who told her to go to hospital immediately.

A lumbar puncture procedure, which the doctor thought would come back negative, had shocking results as it showed that the youngster had meningitis.

Speaking of the nightmare she said, “I was told later that it had been 24 hours later then it might have been a different story.”

Three years on, Dylan has suffered no side-effects from his experience, although he does have speech therapy sessions.

Rachel, who has two other children, will be taking part in a 5K Big Fun Run on Sunday October 14 in aid of the Meningitis Research Foundation.

She has been taking part in mile walks to gear herself up for the challenge which takes place in Brighton.

She added, “At the time of Dylan’s diagnosis I didn’t know anything about it so it was a pretty gruesome experience.

“When I had to go to hospital I had my daughter with me and he had to have his lumbar puncture and no-else could be in the room.

“My daughter heard Dylan crying and she was banging on the door wanting to comfort him.

“I have an 11-month-old now and there was a virus a few weeks ago and my first reaction was to check it wasn’t meningitis.”

The Seaford resident said the charity helped support her after Dylan was poorly and now she wants to raise awareness of how quickly meningitis can change lives.

She added, “People have lost lives which is upsetting, people think it’s just young children that get it but it’s elderly people, young adults and those who are middle-aged.”

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