Mum’s jail sentence slashed on appeal

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A single mum caught in an undercover crackdown on Eastbourne drug dealers had her sentence slashed after pleading to be reunited with her child.

Rebecca King, 30, of North Street, was jailed for four years and four months at Lewes Crown Court in June after admitting conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine, and separate counts of theft by shoplifting.

King, who has a three-year-old daughter, was snared by police following a covert crackdown on hard drugs in the seaside town.

Detectives posing as punters offered to buy drugs from King and an accomplice, London’s Appeal Court heard, and were supplied with wraps of heroin and cocaine.

Her case reached the Appeal Court as King challenged the length of her sentence - which Mr Justice Sweeney cut to three years.

Smith was using drugs at the time and played a minor role in supplying the narcotics, her lawyers claimed. She is also trying to raise a three-year-old daughter, the court heard, and needs to be out of jail as soon as possible to be reunited with her.

Mr Justice Sweeney, sitting with Judge Andrew Gilbart QC, accepted she had played a “lesser role” in the drug dealing.