Mum jailed for breaching suspended sentence order

A DRUNKEN night has ended in a prison sentence for a 38-year-old mum-of-two.

Cheryl Farley had not expected to go to jail when she appeared before Eastbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday (July 3) but magistrates were told she was in breach of a suspended sentence order.

The court heard Farley had been in Eastbourne town centre on the night on June 21 and was drinking beer in a pint glass through a straw while arguing with the people she was with.

Police had spotted her and advised her to go home but she continued down Terminus Road in the direction of the others and started rowing once again.

Moments later police saw her again and she was waving her arms around, shouting and swearing.

She was arrested for being drunk and disorderly and was abusive towards the officers.

Magistrates were told she was on a suspended sentence order for a previous offence of assaulting a police officer.

Dianne May, defending, said Farley had been working with probation because she is an alcoholic.

She said, “This is a sad situation because she has been doing so well and has made such good progress. For her to be here in court today is very upsetting for her.

“In an ideal world she would be better in a few months but realistically that is not how things work and she has had some setbacks.”

Miss May explained Farley went out drinking on that night because her relationship had broken down.

She added, “She knows now that she dealt with it in the wrong way. I ask you to treat this as a blip.”

Miss May also said jailing Farley would not help with her recovery and would disrupt the care of her two children, aged six and eight.

Farley told magistrates she didn’t expect to go to prison for being drunk and disorderly and when the jailer came to take her down to the cells she began to cry and sit in the corner of the dock.

Magistrates activated her suspended sentence and but reduced the 12 week original imposed to four weeks.