Mum issues warning over on-line bullies

A MOTHER is warning other parents to watch their children’s Facebook and Twitter accounts after her daughter was bullied online.

Judith Appleton, a mother of four, has two children at Cavendish School and her 12-year-old daughter was recently the victim of bullying and the comments continued on the child’s Facebook account.

The 33-year-old mum from Old Town said, “I have always been quite clear that my children do not have Facebook accounts.

“She is only 12 and I don’t want her to have that yet. However she managed to create an account with a false name.”

Judith said there was an episode of bullying at school where her daughter was pushed up against some lockers and photographs of the youngster being taunted were posted on the website.

There were also some nasty comments on the social networking site following an argument which started at school.

Judith called the police and the matter was dealt with, but she now wants to warn other parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing online.

Judith said, “I would just say to other parents, if you allow your children to have a Facebook or Twitter account check it regularly.

“I think when children have Facebook there can be a breakdown in communication between the mother and child. There is a lot that happens that the parents don’t know about.”

Kenny Fitzpatrick, head at Cavendish School, said, “Cyber bullying, by its very nature, is an issue of great concern for all schools and with pupils having access to social networking sites via their mobile devices, managing the situation is extremely hard.

“We strive to work at all times with staff, parents and pupils, to highlight the dangers surrounding social media and cyber bullying, educating them in how to reduce the risks, whilst at all times making it clear that bullying is not tolerated here at Cavendish and that it is totally unacceptable, regardless of where, when or how it takes place,

“We take bullying of any nature very seriously here at Cavendish. This is reflected in our on-going programme of anti-bullying measures.”