Mudslide heaps misery on train passengers

Water floods on to the track near Croydon causing a mudslide
Water floods on to the track near Croydon causing a mudslide

COMMUTERS faced massive delays on Monday night after a water main burst and flooded the tracks.

The pipe burst in the morning and caused a mudslide on the line in the South Croydon area with no trains running southbound from East Croydon on the London Victoria to Eastbourne and Hastings services.

It meant long delays for passengers trying to return to Eastbourne, Hampden Park and Polegate from the capital.

They were told not to travel from London Victoria but instead make their way to Charing Cross and head for Hastings and then onto Eastbourne. Passengers already en route to Eastbourne had to get off at East Croydon and join long queues for replacement buses.

People heading for London were advised to make the same connections in reverse.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said on Monday morning, “We are sorry for the disruption caused by a burst main in Croydon.

“We are working to fix the broken pipe and are providing Network Rail with any assistance we can.”

A Network Rail spokesman said, “The water cascaded down an embankment and debris, including earth, has also got on to the track.”