MP urges caution over decision on military action

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd has cautioned against rushing into military action against Syria.

Parliament was recalled this week to vote on military intervention in Syria, after shocking images of children who had been gassed were shown in the media.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that MPs must “make a judgement’ on any action, after UK intelligence chiefs said it was ‘highly likely” that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical attack last week.

Mr Lloyd said yesterday, “Contemplating military action of any kind is not something that I or anyone should ever do lightly.

“I am extremely cautious about supporting military action and I will be listening to all the arguments for and against very, very carefully before making what I hope will be a right and thoughtful decision.

“Crucially, today’s amended motion which is in front of all Parliamentarians no longer signs off military action.

“I had made my concerns known to Government officials and I am pleased to see that the motion has now been re-written to place more emphasis on the UN and the ongoing investigation into the alleged gas attack.

“Further, we have received a personal commitment from the Prime Minister that the House must have the right to vote on any proposed military action.

“This vote will no longer be today (Thursday) and appears it will most likely be sometime early next week.

“I believe this to be a right decision as the apparent rush from some quarters toward military action was, in my view, both wrong and irresponsible.”

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the large number of constituents who have taken the time and trouble to contact me over this desperately challenging issue.”