MP Stephen Lloyd gives backing to report’s calls

MP Stephen Lloyd speaking at the launch of the report
MP Stephen Lloyd speaking at the launch of the report

EASTBOURNE MP Stephen Lloyd has pledged his support for a new report calling for people with multiple sclerosis to be able to stay in work longer.

The report, launched this week at the House of Commons, is called Ready to work: Meeting the employment and career aspirations of people with multiple sclerosis and is published by The Work Foundation.

It highlights how the careers of people with MS are needlessly cut short by an average of 18 years.

Providing the right support to those with MS in the workplace could significantly reduce an annual welfare bill of £66.7m and prevent people from unnecessarily missing out on a large proportion of their working lives.

Drawing on the experiences of workers who have MS, their managers and health practitioners, the report urges employers, politicians, and healthcare professionals to adopt a flexible and more understanding attitude to provide the right conditions for those with MS to remain in fulfilling employment.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr Lloyd said, “I am delighted to lend my support to the launch of ‘Ready to Work’ and join representatives from leading MS charities and wider MS community in calling for the important issues it raises to be addressed.

“MS is a condition which effects up to 100,000 people in the UK and is often diagnosed during prime working years.

“As one of the most common causes of disability amongst young adults in our town I want to see more done to help those who want to work to be able to do so.”

Lead author of the research and director at The Work Foundation’s Centre for Organisational Research Stephen Bevan said, “The UK is not doing enough to support people with MS to stay in work.

“We urge employers, policy makers and individuals to heed the calls laid out in our research to help achieve this ambition.”