MP shrugs off Labour’s ‘opposition coalition’

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STEPHEN Lloyd MP shrugged off Ed Miliband’s offer of an ‘opposition coalition’ after his party’s split over increased in tuiton fees as diversionary opportunism.

Labour leader Mr Miliband appealed to 26 disaffected Liberal Democrat MPs, Mr Lloyd included, who refused to toe the party line and fall in step with the Coalition Government’s tuition fees policy.

But Eastbourne’s MP, who voted against fee increases, discounted the offer as an attempt to divert attention away from his own party’s failings.

Mr Lloyd said, “My reaction is that I am not interested at all in any way, shape or form in Ed Miliband’s offer.

“My suggestion to him is he needs to spend more time actually coming up with what they (Labour) will do to tackle the deficit than attack the coalition.”

He said Mr Miliband should get his own house in order before trying to drive a wedge through the Lib Dems.

“The real challenge he has got is he has been getting a lot of grief from the broadsheets who are saying he has a lack of leadership.

“His biggest challenge is to try and stamp his authority on the Labour party and from what I have read he has not had much success at that.

“The tuition fees issue has been incredibly difficult for the party but any talk of a Lib Dem split or division is absolute nonsense,” added Mr Lloyd.