MP’s concern over flooding at town development site

Stephen Lloyd at Kings Drive
Stephen Lloyd at Kings Drive

Eastbourne’s MP has penned a letter to the Secretary of State for Communities following fears a proposed housing development in the town will be prone to flooding.

Stephen Lloyd, who has written to MP Eric Pickles regarding his concerns which relate to the Kings Drive Development, says previous fears were overruled by the Environment Agency (EA) and the Planning Inspectorate. The politician said standing water can regularly be seen near the proposed site which has been exacerbated during periods of flooding.

He added, “The recent floods across southern England have been horrific, and with more extreme weather forecast for coming decades, we must make sure that we minimise the disturbance by not building in flood prone areas.

“Everybody knows the proposed Kings Drive development is adjacent to a flood plain.”

A spokesperson for the EA said the flood risk assessment was robust, adding, “The EA has worked with the developer and Eastbourne Council to ensure flood risk has been taken into account and the current proposals have been designed in accordance with planning policy guidance on flood risk.

“The Environment Agency appreciates that the development is directly adjacent to an area that regularly floods. The development site gradually rises away from the flood risk area. The site itself has been designed to be safe from flood risk and to not increase flood risk off site.”