MP’s anger over hospital trust results

MP Stephen Lloyd
MP Stephen Lloyd
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The town’s MP said he is angered by the results of a report after it flagged up issues over the performance of the hospital trust that runs the DGH.

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust was graded as a 4 in the document by the NHS Trust Development Authority. Its first summer report for the period April 1 to July 31 looks at the performance in delivering care to patients and the strength of finances which underpin performance. Scoring a 4 means there are material issues requiring formal action and have warranted significant attention. Where formal action is require trusts may be subject to an ‘immediate leadership capability review, intervention from an improvement director or even the Unsustainable Provider Regime’.

MP Stephen Lloyd MP said, “I am glad the NHS TDA has highlighted some of the profound concerns I and others have had over the leadership provided by the senior managers at our local hospital but I am angry that its taken this report for the truth to come out.

“The TDA report states that Trust’s which receive a score of 4 can suffer from ‘poor governance arrangements, a weak financial position, poor performance against key quality standards or a mix of all three’.” A spokesperson for ESHNT said, “The trust has been open in its public Board meetings and elsewhere that it has a material issue in relation to financial performance. This issue arises from the long term financial position of the trust which has meant it has required additional financial support for many years. This year is particularly challenging and the trust has developed and is implementing a robust plan to deliver in year financial recovery whilst ensuring the quality and performance of our services remains high.

“t is clear from the data within the TDA report and that published by the trust on a regular basis that our performance on clinical quality and governance is good and we are committed to maintaining this.”