MP joins Bond girl in pension protest

The MP for Eastbourne appeared shoulder to shoulder with one of the most iconic Bond girls at an event highlighting the fight for justice over a high profile pension disaster.

Stephen Lloyd joined 007 actress Honor Blackman, who is famous for her portrayal of Pussy Galore in the film Goldfinger, on stage at the Westminster Central Methodist Hall.

There he addressed a crowd who had travelled to the capital to protest outside Parliament and demand proper compensation for the victims of the Equitable Life pensions scandal which saw people left out of pocket after the scheme hit financial problems.

The Lib Dem, who is an officer of the All Party Parliamentary Group fighting to secure justice for Equitable members, focussed on demands the Government speed up payments to elderly annuitants, secure the inclusion of 10,000 members whose pensions were realised before 1992, and also pay out a fairer amount than the 22 per cent of the value as determined by the Treasury.

Mr Lloyd said, “I was delighted to be there, alongside a number of MP’s from all parties, to show our support for the campaign as we persistently lobby to ensure the plight of those who lost money after the collapse of Equitable Life are not forgotten.

“I’ll continue to push hard for a fairer level of compensation for all the victims of this dreadful pensions scandal.

“The Government must resolve the injustice quickly.

“With the average age of the pre-1992 annuitants, for instance, being 86, I support using the Government’s contingency fund to deliver the £60million compensation to this group without delay.

“The fight for justice will go on.”

For her part, 87-year-old Blackman has spearheaded the campaign for justice after seeing half of her Equitable pension go down the drain as a result of the insurer’s near-collapse. She said, “After what happened to us, why would anybody in their right mind bother to save for a pension?”