MP in petition plea over village’s traffic menace

snarlup SUS-140919-150407001
snarlup SUS-140919-150407001

Local MP Norman Baker has called on East Sussex County Council to bring to a speedy conclusion its consideration of traffic issues at Alfriston after concerns were raised by local residents about safety.

He has presented a petition at County Hall, on behalf of more than 430 individuals, seeking support to address issues both visitors and local people have with the narrow roads of the historic village and the heavy volume of traffic.

The petition is requesting temporary traffic lights and/or bollards be placed at The Coach House to stop any more building damage and allow safe passage for pedestrians.

Mr Baker said, “I sympathise with residents in Alfriston who are concerned about this issue.

“This is a beautiful village that at the time of its creation was never designed with any thought of the motor vehicle, let alone the heavy flow which travels through the village on a regular basis, including large vehicles.

“I am concerned that consideration of this matter by the county council has now been dragging on years.

“It is commendable that the council wants to gain universal support from the village for whatever it does, but I have to say that opinion is polarised and that is simply not going to be achievable.

“Given that, I believe they now need to bite the bullet and go with the majority view.”

Traffic problems have long been a thorny issue in Alfriston. A recent suggestion was to erect “gates” or barriers at the approach to the village to narrow the width of the road, only allowing through large vehicles with a legitimate purpose – for example refuse trucks and removal vans. Delia Cottingham, of Hellingly, said traffic lights would be to the detriment of the village because of emissions and the nuisance of cars at a long standstill.