MP heads bid to save Religious Education

Stephen Lloyd
Stephen Lloyd

EASTBOURNE MP Stephen Lloyd has helped launch a Religious Education All Party Parliamentary Group and attended a reception in the House of Commons.

The new group has been created to ensure that Religious Education is retained as a core subject in schools.

Mr Lloyd has led, along with the Religious Education Council, the creation of the APPG.

He was elected by his parliamentary colleagues as the chair of the new group, with the other senior roles being taken by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, Labour MP Mary Glindon and Lib Dem Mike Crockart.

The event saw politicians from all parties meeting with members of many faiths, RE teachers and students.

Mr Lloyd and John Keast, CEO of the Religious Education Council, made speeches at the event and Claire Dempsey, a sixth form student, spoke about how important RE was to her education.

There was also a speech from Deborah Weston, who is representing the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education.

Mr Lloyd said, “I am pleased to have got this important group off the ground.

“Everybody’s belief system is such a quintessential part of who they are, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or indeed of no faith at all.

“Knowledge of different religions is crucial to understanding how we all interact and to understanding our neighbours in today’s modern globalised society.

“RE teaches us to understand, to question, and to see the world from a better informed perspective.

“The way RE is taught today provides a vital part of any child’s education and it is essential, in our view, that this important subject continues to be taught by trained RE teachers; and the subject is given the right level of support from the Coalition Government to ensure it is taught in every school and academy.”