MP gets in gear over the rising fuel prices

Quentin Wilson and Stephen Lloyd MP
Quentin Wilson and Stephen Lloyd MP

MOTORING journalist and television presenter Quentin Willson met Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd to discuss the ‘astronomical’ rise in fuel prices.

Mr Willson presented Mr Lloyd with letters written by the supporters of the Fair Fuel Campaign, which calls for April’s fuel duty rise to be scraped and for prices to be stabilised.

According to Petrol, Eastbourne’s average price of unleaded petrol is now more than £1.28 per litre and it is set to rise to a record high in April.

Some calculations – which take into account last week’s inflation figures, the effect of VAT and the headline 1p rise in duty – suggest prices could rise by as much as 4p per litre.

Mr Lloyd said, “The rises in fuel prices over the past few years have been challenging for individuals and businesses in Eastbourne.

“I know some people who are finding it difficult to use their car, and this means that they struggle to get to work, pick their kids up from school and do the weekly shop.

Mr Willson said, “As Stephen knows, it is not just private motorists who are taking a hit but thousands of small businesses, including many in Eastbourne.

“I know that he will be lobbying the government hard to try to ease the burden on families and businesses, through cancelling the fuel duty rise in April or introducing a price stabilising mechanism, and I fully support him in his efforts. This is a really really important social issue.”