MP encourages residents to get on their bicycles

Chris Boardman and Stephen Lloyd
Chris Boardman and Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd MP has spoken in Parliament this week in support of calls to radically increase the numbers of people who cycle.

He spoke in support of the motion launched by the All Party Cycling Group who have just released their report called Get Britain Cycling.

It seeks to promote the numerous benefits that cycling offers to the environment, to the economy and of course to the individual.

The motion aims to see an increase in the number of cycling journeys will the aspiration of 10 per cent of all journeys being by bike by 2025, and 25 per cent by 2050.

This comes alongside news that the South Downs National Park Authority has committed to building 55km of new routes with an estimated investment of over £3.8m from the government around Sussex.

British Cycling’s Policy Adviser, former Gold Medal Olympian Chris Boardman, who met with Mr Lloyd before the vote, said, “I’ve been encouraged by the Prime Minister’s support for cycling and the government’s statement that it wants to put cycling at the heart of its policies.

“We need to consistently and properly fund cycling and embed it into the heart of our transport policies.”

Mr Lloyd said, “We have a strong local cycling group called Bespoke, which is tremendously enthused and involved in driving the cycling agenda in the town, and I am very supportive of them and their efforts.

“Eastbourne is a wonderful seaside town that has bucked the economic trend over the past few years, with unemployment going down, apprenticeships going up and regeneration in the town centre through £70 million of private spends, and our stunning seafront is an excellent place for a ride, which is why I support more cycle paths locally.

“I recently took part in a bike ride with Bespoke around our town.

“It was the first time I’d ridden a bike in 40 years.

“One of my colleagues had said that cycling takes 10 years off your age and after riding for 2.5 hours it felt like it took 10 years off my life!

“Joking apart, cycling is an excellent way to travel – it protects the environment and gets us all fit and healthy at the same time.

“I was very happy to speak in this debate and will continue to champion cycling wherever I can.”