MP demands faster trains to London

EASTBOURNE MP Stephen Lloyd has met with rail bosses at Southern as part of his campaign for a faster service to London.

Mr Lloyd, accompanied by Belinda Fordham and Ray Chapman, from the East Sussex Rail Alliance, met with senior directors from Southern.

The town’s MP says a quicker train service between Eastbourne and the capital is ‘crucial’.

Mr Lloyd, who has been to a number of meetings about the issue, said, “Today was another step on my mission to getting a quicker train service between Eastbourne and London, which will do so much for our town.

“The blunt truth of the matter is that they told us it is not commercially viable for Southern to divert services from elsewhere to Eastbourne.

“However, I will simply not take no for an answer.

“I will now go back to the Department for Transport, to lobby them on behalf of Eastbourne, alerting the minister to what a faster train service would mean for the town and the economy of the whole South East.”

Mr Lloyd said a faster train service will generate significant investment opportunities and added, “Making the capital closer will also provide more viable employment opportunities and choice for those living locally, while making Eastbourne a highly attractive place to live for many people working in London.”

Belinda Fordham, from Eastbourne, representing the East Sussex Rail Alliance said, “Today’s meeting was a full and frank discussion about how to achieve a quicker service between Eastbourne and London.

“It was a step in the right direction and there was constructive discussion about improving the service. We will now work towards compiling a business case to take to the Department for Transport.”