MP calls for ban on puppy farms

Stephen Lloyd SUS-140909-154801001
Stephen Lloyd SUS-140909-154801001

Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Stephen Lloyd last week took part in a debate in Parliament calling for a ban on the sale of kittens and puppies that have been raised in farms and the mass commercial production of young pets.

In the debate Mr Lloyd urged local authorities to be more vigilant and active in the use of the existing powers that they already possess, to inspect and licence breeders, and to ensure that the highest standards of care are adhered to.

Mr Lloyd said, “Animal welfare is an issue that I feel strongly about and I’m doing all I can to push the Government to do even more to protect those who cannot defend themselves from cruelty.

“The conditions of puppy and kitten farms are sometimes awful, with dogs given very little veterinary care, exercise and affection, and bitches are often isolated and fed the minimum amount of food and water needed to keep them alive and breeding. This is simply unacceptable and my intervention in the debate was to remind colleagues both within and without government that local authorities have quite a lot of power to act against bad practice, and that it is crucial they actually use the powers in their possession more regularly. I hope this important debate will help mobilise them to do so.”