MP ‘bitterly disappointed’

Stephen Lloyd, Eastbourne MP
Stephen Lloyd, Eastbourne MP

MP Stephen Lloyd, who is part of the Save the DGH campaign, said he was ‘bitterly disappointed’ that the hospital is considering temporarily downgrading maternity services in Eastbourne,

He said, “I am extremely concerned for the safety of mothers and babies in Eastbourne and bitterly disappointed we are in this position.

“What the Trust are now proposing was halted in 2008 because it was found the journey from Eastbourne to the Conquest posed a risk of incidents for women, especially during unexpected transfers.

“With approximately one third of first time mothers needing to be referred to consultants, these changes are a risk for local mums.

“I will be returning early from my father’s funeral to be at the meeting to insist that this move is temporary and consultant-lead maternity is returned to the DGH without delay.

“I will also be demanding to know why the Trust’s Board failed to implement the original IRP recommendations and why senior management failed to provide adequate staff cover when healthcare workers retired, went on maternity leave or were off on long term sick leave.

“Either these oversights were deliberate or the Trust is guilty of serious management failings, and the chief executive and chairman of ESHT must account for their actions.

“For Eastbourne to grow and prosper we need a fully functioning hospital and I will be seeking reassurances from our local GP Consortia – who take over the purse strings on April 1 – that they will be standing shoulder to shoulder with me and the people of Eastbourne and the surrounding area, in protecting our local hospital.”

PICTURED: Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd