Mourners slam state of another town cemetery

Overgrown Ocklynge Cemetery. SUS-140406-122022001
Overgrown Ocklynge Cemetery. SUS-140406-122022001

A flurry of Eastbourne residents have now hit out at the state of Ocklynge Cemetery just days after Eastbourne Borough Council defended the work contractors carried out at Langney Cemetery.

Last week, the Herald told how a resident was disgusted with the appearance of the graveyard at Langney Cemetery, where grass was reportedly more than a foot long.

Now, a handful of people have come forward to express their concerns about Ocklynge Cemetery becoming equally as overgrown.

David Forge said, “My wife and I visited Ocklynge Cemetery on May 18 and returned on June 2 thinking that by now, work would have been carried out to bring the growth under control. How wrong we were. The whole cemetery has not had any work for weeks.

“Some of the areas are waist high and most are well over two foot, it’s a disgrace.”

Another resident of the town, Simon Howell, added, “A friend of mine got very upset recently when she couldn’t find her mother’s grave at Ocklynge in the all the overgrown grass. Because the grave only has a small headstone, it was completely hidden.”

The council is in charge of both Langney and Ocklynge Cemetery and employs a team of contractors to manage the sites. A spokesperson for Eastbourne Borough Council said, “Due to unusually heavy rain earlier this year, we were unable to start cutting the grass on time because it was simply too waterlogged.

“Grass cutting is covered as part of contract operations across Langney and Ocklynge cemeteries and the crematorium, which cost £192,0000 a year.”

The contractors were also quick to defend their work, explaining they only have a team of six who are responsible for all the burials and gardening at Langney and Ocklynge, both of which cover large areas of land.