Motorists hit in the pocket for poor parking

Police have been cracking down on motorists who park illegally outside an East Sussex school.

The drivers were slapped with a Fixed Penalty Notice and given three points on their licence after parking on zig zag lines outside Annecy Catholic Primary School in Sutton Avenue, Seaford.

They committed the offence earlier this month and, as well as the points, the drivers must pay a £60 fine.

The duo parked on white ziz zag lines on an approach to a zebra crossing.

Acting Seaford Sergeant Chris Wright said, “Seaford Neighbourhood Policing Team are keen to support the excellent work at the heart of the Think School Travel initiative, and hope to be able to continue to do this from an educational stance.

“However, if parents/carers persist in parking in a dangerous manner we will have no choice but to take positive action.

“Working together we can continue to improve safety for all concerned, whilst avoiding unnecessary conflict between motorists, pedestrians and residents.”

Think School Travel (TST) was set up thanks to the efforts of Carol Edwards and Elise Holliman who have been working alongside other parents to make their message heard.

TST is encouraging drivers to park safely, for children to take extra car during their journey and is keen to see the speed limit lowered around the schools in the town and Alfriston.

The group’s motto is: ‘Drive Safely, Park Safely and Walk Safely’.

Last month the team invited MP Norman Baker, Seaford mayor Councillor Linda Wallraven and other representatives to join them in making their message heard. at the Seaford schools and Alfriston School.

Mrs Edwards feels introducing speed humps in some roads and reducing the speed limit to 20mph could help save a child from being killed or injured.

Mrs Edwards said, “I think it’s brilliant that they have done this. The police have been really helping us out the last few weeks.

“Hopefully the message will get through to people to park sensibly.

“It reiterates our message to drive and park safely.”

To join the Facebook group go to: or join them on Twitter at @ThinkSchoolTrav or at the website