Mother of four could be homeless by end of month

Sarrah and Kevin Davis who are soon to be homeless. July 9th 2012 E28085N
Sarrah and Kevin Davis who are soon to be homeless. July 9th 2012 E28085N

A MUM and her four children face being made homeless at the end of the month because the council cannot find them a house.

Sarrah Davis claims she has been let down by Eastbourne Borough Council after she appealed to the local authority to put a roof over her family’s head.

She currently lives with her husband and children in Egbert Close but is having to move out because the owners want to sell the property.

Having been saddled with debt by an ex-partner, Mrs Davis says she cannot afford to privately rent and is begging the council for help.

However, the only house she has been shown is the home in Milfoil Drive in which young brothers Lewis and Taylor Jenkins tragically died during a fire and, as a mum herself, she says she could not cope with the sad history of the property.

She was moved to her current home after a dispute caused her to leave her last house in Hailsham and says she did not want to be put into a private property.

Eastbourne Borough Council though gave her little choice other than to move to Egbert Close and, now her lease is up, Mrs Davis is apparently bottom of the pile when it comes to allocating council houses.

She told the Herald, “I cannot afford to go private, keep up with my debts and pay the top-up on my housing benefit.

“My daughter has dietary needs and her foods cost us a fortune and we have to pay bus fares each week as we cannot get closer to our children’s schools.

“It is affecting my health and my children. The council has told me that I am not a priority as I can go private again – with what? Shirt buttons?

“In a matter of weeks I am going to be homeless with my husband and four young children.

“People in my situation are just pushed aside. It is not fair how we get treated.”

A council spokesperson said, “Although a three-bedroom house has been requested there is a high demand for accommodation and unfortunately little chance of the applicant being offered a council or housing association home as we have very few empty three-bedroom houses falling vacant – it can be as low as one a month.

“To help households in an emergency, we work with private sector landlords and we will continue to try to identify a suitable property or other temporary accommodation.”