Morris Men member questions council’s game

The picture of the Toad Table sent in by Ian Miekle
The picture of the Toad Table sent in by Ian Miekle

CAN Hurst Road in Eastbourne claim the world record for the largest Toad in the Hole table?

That’s the question being asked by resident Ian Meikle who sent in this photograph of the hole.

Ian, who lives in Hurst Road, is a member of the Long Man Morris Men, which boasts a Toad table team, said, “The famous Sussex pub game Toad in the Hole has enjoyed a great revival in the past few years with competitions taking place and I wonder if the council is aiming to create a world record by leaving this mysterious hole in the street which strongly resembles a Toad Table?

“Or Toad in the Road maybe?”

Toad in the hole is a pub game which involves throwing brass coins at a lead topped table with a hole in the middle.

The only known league in the country is based in East Sussex and has three divisions involving roughly 21 teams based in pubs around the county.

Ian said the hole in the sunken path is at least a foot deep and has been there for several months.

He said, “Its uncanny resemblance to a Toad Table makes me wonder if possibly it is being left until 2012 for inclusion into the London Olympic Games?”