‘Morning after’ motorists are urged to think before driving

‘MORNING after’ drivers are being warned by Sussex Police about the dangers of getting behind the wheel while still impaired from the night before.

Between June 1 and 16, 12 people have been arrested for driving while impaired between 6am and midday, some of which were due to drinking alcohol the night before.

A 51-year-old professional driver behind the wheel of a truck was on the A259 at Seaford after police officers became concerned about his manner of driving on June 13.

He was breathalysed and was found to be more than twice the legal drink-drive limit.

Of the 12 people arrested, seven were under 25 and the other five were over 40.

Chief Inspector Di Roskilly of Sussex Police Roads Policing Unit said, “It takes a long time for alcohol to leave your body and this time differs from person to person.

“Many people underestimate when they think they are safe to drive. Having a cold shower or a cup of strong coffee is just not good enough to sober up.

“As a guide it is best to leave 12 hours, but even this will depend on what alcohol has been consumed and the individual’s capacity to process it.

“However, to be absolutely sure that you are legally safe - don’t drink the night before you have to drive.”

As part of the annual summer drink-drive campaign the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is continuing to target drivers to educate those who think driving while they are impaired is acceptable and catch those who still decide to do it.

Sussex Police are continuing their high profile checks, together with use of plain vehicles and direct targeting using intelligence.

Between June 1 and 17, 2,545 people have been breathalysed and 100 arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired through drink or drugs.

Members of the public are encouraged to contact Sussex Police if they know of someone drink-driving.

If it’s imminent, then people should call 999. Non-urgent reports can be made by calling 0845 6070999, or via the Operation Crackdown website – log on to www.operationcrackdown