More to libraries than just books

Eastbourne Central Library Nov 9th 2010 E45098L
Eastbourne Central Library Nov 9th 2010 E45098L

A new campaign has been launched to highlight the variety of different services on offer at libraries in East Sussex.

The East Sussex County Council campaign, which includes poster advertising, leaflet drops and promotion through social media, is aimed at demonstrating the authority’s library service has ‘something for everyone’, whether they visit their local library or access services online.

To allow people to get ‘connected’, free computer and internet access is on offer at all libraries in the county, while visitors can also benefit from free wi-fi services and even free computer training.

Internet access is particularly important with so many services today switching to the web, and can help people save money by enabling them to shop online and assist them in finding information about things that are important to them or staying in touch with families and friends.

If people want to borrow a book, they do not even have to go inside a library, but can go online for an e-book, or use the library service’s online reference library to answer questions such as: ‘What’s the answer to six down?’ or ‘What was the newspaper headline on March 5 1872?’ – again all at no cost.

Whether people are interested in local history, finding out about their ancestors, or need information to help with filling in an online form, then the library is the place to go, and there will always be someone on hand to give visitors advice and help get them started.

Simon Hughes, East Sussex County Council assistant chief executive, said, “We want as many people as possible to know what great things they can get from our first class library service.

“With so many people needing to get online to do things nowadays, sometimes we forget that not everyone has a computer at home, or knows how to use it.”

Libraries have plenty of other services on offer too, such as DVD rentals with great titles and competitive hire charges, free children’s storytime, and specific events such as ‘meet the author’.

For more information, visit the website at www.eastsus or try Facebook at