More Eastbourne graduates finding jobs

Denton Road streetview SUS-150207-160316001
Denton Road streetview SUS-150207-160316001

The number of University of Brighton graduates who found work after completing their studies has increased again.

According to the latest annual figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, more than nine out of 10 graduates who completed their first degree in 2013-2014 - including those from the Eastbourne campus - were in employment or further study, with over two thirds employed at a managerial and professional level.

The number has been steadily rising – from 87.2 per cent in 2008/2009 to 89.6 per cent in 2012/2013, and now 92.0 per cent for 2013/14.

Sam Rhodes, head of the university’s Careers Service, said, “This is excellent news for the graduates and for the university. Helping students into employment or further studies is a top priority and we are committed to helping all of our students achieve their academic and career goals.

“This considerable increase has been made possible by the efforts of both academic and support staff across the university working with the Careers Service to improve the employability of our graduates.

“Whilst celebrating this improvement, we are also keen to improve this figure further through our continued work to embed employability skills within our curriculum, and we hope to see a further increase in this measure next year.”

Mr Rhodes added, “Getting a degree is an investment for life and we know from our previous research that within three years the value of a degree comes through.”

For students who want additional support finding work after graduation, the university’s Careers Service, in partnership with the Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Department, last year launched a new scheme that provides coaches for students and graduates.

They are available to graduates who are seeking employment shortly after leaving university and those students who have left the area have the option of accessing coaching online, using specialist mentoring software.

Mr Rhodes said, “The scheme demonstrates the university’s ongoing commitment to the career success of all our graduates.”