Monthly report by Chief Inspector Jayne Dando

EVERY area of town has a panel to address residents concerns. These panels can be contacted through the Eastbourne NPT website at

At the end of March I attended the town centre panel for a lively debate on local issues. It was good to hear residents’ appreciation of the work being done by the neighbourhood police team. We continue to work with the panel to address issues.

In April Sussex Police launched Operation Columbus in response to any crimes and incidents committed against visiting international students.

We work closely with Eastbourne Borough Council and the English language schools to make the town a safe place for locals and visitors.

Eastbourne district achieved a number of successes for detecting crime and reduction targets.

We exceeded the reduction targets for burglary of Eastbourne residents’ homes by -8.7 per cent and criminal damage to property by 8 per cent which equated to 8 less victims of burglary and 130 fewer victims of criminal damage.

You may have seen recent media coverage of a new ‘bait’ garage initiative launched in Eastbourne to tackle burglaries -the first time ‘bait’ garages have been used by the force. They are neither expensive nor labour intensive as all equipment used is in-house. It only takes about two to three hours to rig a garage, but then that’s it.

And they are proving highly effective. As soon as someone enters the garage a mobile phone text is sent to the officers to notify them of an intruder.

Camera images are downloaded, suspects identified and then arrested.

The overall aim is to reassure the local community Sussex Police care about the effect opportunistic thieves have on people’s lives.

We are trying to reduce this type of crime and instill fear in potential perpetrators.

Some videos of its effectiveness have been posted on the website YouTube so have a look at

Operation Downfield was the investigation concerning a vicious assault on a homeless male that left him fighting for his life. He remains in hospital in a coma.The suspect was identified shortly after the incident following good response and assistance from the local community.

With the approaching warmer weather, the Bank Holiday period an of cours the Royal Wedding, I remind residents to keep their homes safe and secure. Remember to keep all external doors and windows as secure as possible.