Mobility scooter theft is ‘lowest of the low’

Lorraine Wright who had her mobility scooter stolen, May 24th 2013 E22005P
Lorraine Wright who had her mobility scooter stolen, May 24th 2013 E22005P

A mobility scooter has been stolen from a pensioner’s flat in Eastbourne, leaving her unable to get out and about with her grandchildren.

Lorraine Wright, who lives with her husband David in Seaside Road, says she is ‘absolutely distraught’ by the theft.

The motorised scooter was stolen from a communal hallway, outside their home, on May 17.

Lorraine suffers from a number of conditions and her mobility has become very limited.

She is able to walk just a few slow steps before she has to stop for a break.

She said the mobility scooter, which she bought for £450 a year ago, was one of the only ways she could get out and about.

She said, “I was so much looking forward to going out with the grandchildren.

“I go down on the beach with them and they love it too. Last year we had so much fun.”

Lorraine explained she and her husband live on a pension and do not have the money to buy a replacement scooter.

She said, “We will have to save up and in the meantime it will be difficult to get around, especially on my own.”

Husband David is also upset and angry about the theft.

He said, “It really is the lowest of the low.

“The silly thing is, whoever has stolen it has wheeled it off without the battery pack because I always take that inside the flat and charge it ip for my wife each time she goes out in the scooter.

The scooter has been stored in the communal hallway of the flat for around a year.

Lorraine said she and David are friendly with the neighbours and it had never been a problem to store the scooter in the hallway.

She explained hey were unable to get the scooter in to their flat and had permission to leave it in the hall.

She said, “More recently, we have noticed there have been different people coming in and out.”

David explained the theft had been most disappointing because the summer is approaching, giving Lorraine more opportunity to go out with her grandchildren.

He said, “She has had it about a year and was just starting to get used to this particular scooter.

“She has been build up confidence and going out and about on her own a bit more.”

The theft has been reported to police and Lorraine and David are hoping someone who witnessed the scooter being stolen will come forward with information on its whereabouts.

Shops across Eastbourne selling mobility scooters have also been informed in case someone comes in trying to sell the one stolen from Lorraine.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting serial of 1709 of May 16.