Mission to photograph our town from space launched

Earth from space
Earth from space

You’ve heard of Airbourne, now our town has Spacebourne as the town now boasts its own space programme.

The not-for-profit project began at Cohub, Eastbourne’s co-working space based in the Old Printworks, and has quickly grown in its scope and ambitions.

The team is currently working on its prototype mission: to send an HD camera and other assorted electronics to the edge of near-space by means of a high altitude weather balloon, which they’re ambitiously aiming to send 40 kilometres into the stratosphere and capture images of the Eastbourne area that have never been seen before.

The balloon will carry on-board GPS and a radio transmitter, enabling its progress to be tracked.

Following the first launch, the overriding goal behind Spacebourne is to provide a platform for Eastbourne’s schools to do some exciting science and engineering; enabling them to plan, design, and launch their own space missions. The Spacebourne team are looking to provide teachers with lesson resources, expertise, and free use of the Spacebourne equipment.

The project, which is funded by public donation, caught the imagination of Sovereign Harbour Residents Association committee members and they decided to donate £200 to the project out of surplus sponsorship receipts from their Waterlines newsletter.

The donation was made in memory of former SHRA secretary, Christine Runalls, who sadly died early in October.

Christine was a physicist and a teacher and the committee agreed that this was a project to which she would have given her enthusiast support.

A Spacebourne spokesperson said, “The idea is to launch a HD camera and a balloon up to the edge of near space. It’s the brainchild of Ian Pollard and fellow inmates at Cohub, Eastbourne’s co-working space.

“What’s not to like about this plan? It’s slightly barmy, but totally doable. The idea is to involve schools and get them interested in and using tech – we’re all for that. Plus the logo is really cool.”

For more details visit ww.spacebourne.co.uk