Missing moggy brings together community

L-R: Charley & Cheryl Piper with missing cat poster. SUS-140925-112456001
L-R: Charley & Cheryl Piper with missing cat poster. SUS-140925-112456001

A missing cat has brought a community together, as neighbours help to find Mumble.

Charley Piper, 25, of Wroxham Road, set up a Facebook group after her cat went missing on September 2.

Since then, neighbours have helped put up posters, started search parties and offered their support.

The Facebook site, Find Mumble, has more than 220 members.

Charley said the last time she saw Mumble was on September 2 - just before he was due to be neutered.

She thinks this is why he may have gone missing.

“He was due to be neutered on the Friday before he went missing,” said Charley.

After he went missing he has been spotted in the Shinewater area several times - but hasn’t been home to Charley.

“To others he might just be cat but to me he’s my baby,I will do anything to have him back,” she said. “I will not give up till he is home.”

Charley said the support form the community has been ‘fantastic’.

“It’s amazing how the community has helped,” she said.

“Eastbourne police have been helping to locate him, as they have shared him on their Facebook page.

“He has been mentioned on BBC Radio Sussex, also on Radio DGH which is played in the hospital. Complete strangers are sharing his picture daily on all Eastbourne and local selling groups. You can walk through Shinewater and find his posters everywhere. I keep changing the posters too, to keep him fresh in people’s memories.

“Search parties have been arranged, I have even had people coming to my front door and taking posters to pop up.”

She said Mumble is extra special to her, because he was still-born, but she says she brought him back to life.

“I wrapped him up in a towel and did what they do in 101 Dalmatians. Then I heard a little mumble - hence the name,” she said.

If you see Mumble, contact Charley at www.facebook.com/groups/findmumble/ or call 07944613914.