Missing Megan had extra maths lessons

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MISSING Megan had received extra-curricular maths lessons with 30-year-old teacher Jeremy Forrest before the pair eloped.

The 15-year-old’s mum Danielle Wilson and her stepfather Martin Stammers have revealed that Megan had been receiving the tuition at Bishop Bell School.

However, her parents said they did not suspect any relationship between her and Forrest, a married amateur musician, who lives in Ringmer, near Lewes.

Megan was discovered missing on Friday (September 25). She had fled across the Channel from Dover with the teacher on Thursday night and police believe the pair are still in France.

Mrs Wilson said, “There were a couple of subjects that she was struggling with and she was going to after-school extra tuition.

“One of them was maths, but that didn’t alert me because I knew it wasn’t one of her favourite subjects. I knew she struggled with it.

“For her to say that she was going to attend those classes was completely natural. Why would you think anything of it? She was not only attending maths but also science.”

Mr Stammers said Megan had never expressed any wish to visit France. He said, “She loves LA, she loves New York, but she has never mentioned Europe.”

Her mother added, “The only thing she would say was that she wanted to be famous.”

Mr Stammers said he was ‘aware’ of Forrest but refused to go into further detail, saying, “It’s about Megan and getting Megan back.”

They said it was ‘completely out of character’ for her to disappear but police said they believe she has travelled willingly.

At the news conference at Sussex Police headquarters in Lewes, it emerged that the pair travelled out on a ferry on Thursday and were due to return to the UK on Sunday but did not use their tickets.

“She is always in at 7pm, she is not one of these kids to roam the streets, she doesn’t go out drinking or anything like that. She doesn’t like the dark so she had never been out after dark,” Mrs Wilson said.

She added, “It is completely out of character, this is not her, she is not like this.”

Mr Stammers told how Megan sent him a text message last Tuesday asking to meet him. He arranged to meet her on Saturday but she did not keep the date as she and Mr Forrest are believed to have already left for France.

“We had a date on Saturday, we didn’t make it. Babes, that offer’s still there sweetheart,” he said.

“(I) just want you to come home safe and well, babes please.”