Missing Eastbourne girl believed to have sent message from France

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THE PARENTS of 15-year-old Megan Stammers have made an emotional plea to their daughter after she is believed to have eloped with her maths teacher.

Megan’s mum Danielle Wilson and her stepdad Martin Stammers took part in a press conference on Monday afternoon (September 24).

They pleaded with their daughter, who is believed to have run away with 30-year-old Bishop Bell teacher Jeremy Forrest, to phone, text or get in touch via Facebook.

Ms Wilson held back the tears as she described her daughter as ‘loving, caring and intelligent’.

At the conference it also emerged the pair had travelled on the ferry on Thursday night (September 20) and had return tickets to come back to Dover on Sunday evening.

Schedules and passenger lifts were checked for that ferry and later ones but they were not on any lists.

Police also said a message was sent to a friend of runaway teenager Megan Stammers saying she had arrived in France. It marked the last contact Megan and 30-year-old Jeremy Forrest caught a ferry to the Continent last week, sparking a cross-Channel search.

The message was sent to one of her good friends saying she was in France but did not come from her own phone, a senior police officer revealed.

The disclosure was made as the teenager’s mother and stepfather, Danielle Wilson and Martin Stammers, made an emotional appeal at a news conference for her safe return.

Chief Inspector Jason Tingley, of Sussex Police, said, “I can’t give a specific time or date but we know there was a message passed to one of her good friends to say she had arrived safely in France.

“I can’t say that message was from her but we believe it was. That gives us some comfort that she has arrived safely and she is in France. That’s our last contact.”

Last Thursday Megan asked her mother whether she could stay overnight at a friend’s house. Her mother said she agreed, gave her dinner money for school the following day - and Megan left.

But the following morning, her mother received a text message from her school, Bishop Bell C of E in Eastbourne, East Sussex where Forrest teaches, saying she had failed to attend.

Checks were made to see whether the friend she claimed to be sleeping over with was at school, and when it was confirmed that she was, alarm bells rang.

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