Missing dog vanishes from walk near Willingdon

Missing dog, Delia
Missing dog, Delia

Have you seen Delia?

The timid dog bolted on December 1 after being startled by a loud cracking noise in the woods near Willingdon village.

She was seen heading down Coopers Hill towards her home, but nothing has been seen since that time, despite her owners and others doing everything they can think of to locate her.

She is wearing an extending lead and they are concerned she’s caught up somewhere.

They said, “She is an extremely timid dog not thought able to cope on her own. We would be very grateful

for people to search their sheds, gardens etc and we are asking that if anyone spots her, could they ring her owner’s mobile number (07742 624144)and not approach her personally.

“We are now getting really desperate and any help you can give us would be very much appreciated.”