Missing dog reunited with owner after three days of searching

A missing Seaford dog has finally been reunited with her owner after three days of searching.

Monday, 16th January 2017, 5:55 pm
Updated Monday, 16th January 2017, 6:07 pm
Schnappes with her owner Kathleen SUS-170116-180106001
Schnappes with her owner Kathleen SUS-170116-180106001

Schnapps, a pepper and salt schnauzer, went missing from her owner’s house on Friday (January 13).

Soon a Facebook page was set up to help find her and a number of people devoted hours looking for the lost pooch.

Finally, on Sunday (January 15) owner Kathleen Jaeger was called to a reported sighting of Schnapps in a garden about 20 minutes from home.

There they found the dog – who had “hunkered down” in a dry place with access to water – hungry but unhurt.

Kathleen said, “We are utterly overwhelmed, not only by the almost unexpected result, but the sheer scale of help and love we have received from people not only from the wonderful town of Seaford but from far and wide.

“We honestly were sceptical how many more nights Schnapps could remain out in the current climate.

“The report of a sighting in someone’s garden focused our search back into Seaford and when we heard she had been spotted in another garden in the same street, our hopes were raised a little.

“The amount of people who turned out to help look was breathtaking and everyone knew to look out for a little grey dog.

“After hours and hours there was still no sighting. My soon to be son-in-law took out Lenny, their dog, who knows our schnauzers well, to the area and he was especially interested in an empty house next door to the house she had been seen in.

“So Russell threw some food in the bushes and continued to search. Twenty minutes later the food had gone!”

Shortly arfter that Schnapps emerged. Kathleen continued,

“She was in good condition, reasonably dry, very hungry but none the worse for wear! I was able to share our euphoria with two of our dedicated helpers still pounding the streets and we returned to my daughter Margot where we cracked open some champagne!

“Totally overwhelmed, almost unbelievable and I don’t know how to thank each and every person who has been out, day after day trying to find her with us! Not only them but all the people working in the distance emailing, informing and targeting potential helpers.

“A real example of how when everyone pulls together they can achieve the impossible! I also have to thank Schnapps for being a dog, and using her initiative to hunker down and stay safe.

“She’s tucked up on the sofa with us in the warm now. Thank you all again because we absolutely could not have done it without any of you.”

The search was aided by groups www.facebook.com/SchnauzerfestUK and www.doglost.co.uk