Missing dog is found three years on and 122 miles from home!

A DOG has been found in Hailsham - three years after she went missing from her home in Milton Keynes Candy, a Bishon Frise, was lost in 2009 but thanks to the hard work of a Wealden dog warden she was reunited with her owners.

Earlier this month animal warden Cathy Ede-Morley was called to pick up some stray dogs in Hailsham including a Candy.

After giving Candy a wash and shampoo, Cathy then began to trace its owner.

Cathy looked on the Lost Dogs.com website and soon came up with a pretty accurate photo match.

The true ownership of Candy was confirmed when Cathy showed a photo of the pet to her owner, Carol Williams from Milton Keynes - a cool 122 miles away.

Carol said, “I couldn’t believe it.

“I had no doubt this was Candy. We are so happy to have her back. She is now settling in back home again”.

Candy escaped from her garden in July 2009 and had been missing ever since.

It is believed she was found and taken in by a new owner who then moved to Sussex but no one has come forward to report Candy missing from her last home.

Councillor Johanna Howell, Wealden Cabinet member with responsibility for animal welfare, said: “We are very pleased that Candy has been returned to her rightful home after such a long period of time.

“I would like to thank Cathy Ede Morley and Animal Wardens for the dedication and care they have shown in tracing Candy’s owner. It’s the answer to every owner’s prayer who has ever lost their dog.”

Animal Wardens, which provides dog warden services for Wealden District Council, keep a register of dogs lost in the district and offer a free microchip to every dog returned.

Cathy and her colleagues have set up an East Sussex Adopt a Dog page on Facebook to help find suitable homes for stray and abandoned dogs that are unclaimed.

Anyone who has a genuine change of circumstances which means their dog needs a new home may advertise on this page.

If you find a dog that appears to be without its owner, you are obliged by law to inform the council or police and make efforts to find the dog’s owner.

If the dog is wearing a collar and tag, or you know where the dog lives, please attempt to return it to its owner in the first instance.