Misdirected motorists can get advice at MP’s Satnav Summit

POLEGATE and Seaford MP Norman Baker is to host the first SatNav Summit to tackle traffic that is misdirected by the technology.

Motorists can be sent on the wrong route as a result of out-of-date SatNavs and this has been a particular problem in Alfriston where large articulated lorries have followed the navigation systems up tiny country lanes.

A scheme called Save Alfriston For Everyone has been set up because of worries over large vehicles coming through the village and vehicles in general causing damage to pavements, buildings and pedestrians.

Mr Baker, who is hosting the SatNav Summit on behalf of the government, called it ‘a huge step in the right direction, as opposed to the direction that out-of-date SatNavs can send drivers’.

At present, it can take months for map updates to make their way from local councils to SatNavs.

As a result, thousands of drivers follow out-of-date maps, and local residents end up with inappropriate traffic on their doors steps.

Some motorists do not update their SatNav maps, either because they forget or are not aware they can, which makes the problem even worse.

The summit to thrash out solutions to these problems is due to take place in early March, one month before local authorities gain important new powers to decide how their roads appear on maps helping them better direct traffic.

Mr Baker said, “Out-of-date SatNavs can be the scourge of local communities, with articulate lorries blocking country lanes and motorist with out of date information being sent on wild goose chases.

“Locally, residents from Barcombe to Alfriston have contacted me to raise concerns about traffic being directed incorrectly into their villages and it is matter of real concern.

“The Summit’s sole aim is thrash out a solution, and all signs are pointing in the direction that much needed progress will be made.”