Minister’s praise for Let’s Loop Eastbourne campaign

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A Government minister has heaped praise on the work of campaigners to establish Eastbourne as one of the most hearing loop friendly towns in Britain.

MP Norman Lamb, the Minister of State for Care and Support, has written to Hearing Link, the organisers of an international loop conference being held in the town this weekend to commend the work of the Herald-backed“Let’s Loop Eastbourne” campaign.

He pointed out how hearing loops play a vitally important role to hearing aid wearers.

Mr Lamb said: “I would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Hearing Link’s campaign ‘Let’s Loop Eastbourne’ and wish them luck in their determination to ensure every town and city across the UK is properly looped.

“With many millions of hearing aid wearers across our nation and many more expected in the future, it makes sense for more conference centres, hotels, theatres, banks, supermarkets, and all manner of buildings to be properly kitted out to the benefit of all their customers. “

Tomorrow (Saturday), the Winter Gardens hosts the Hearing Link UK Conference where the focus will be on travel, leisure and accessible tourism featuring speakers from this country as well as America and Australia.

Then on Sunday and Monday, the Winter Gardens stages the International Hearing Loop conference which will be attended by delegates from across the globe.

Among those who will be speaking are Eastbourne MP, Stephen Lloyd, and there will be a presentation from Eastbourne Theatres’ manager, Gavin Davis, and the borough council’s disability champion, Janet Coles, focusing on the success of the “Let’s Loop Eastbourne” campaign.

As part of the conference programme, celebrated American classical composer, Richard Einhorn, will be taking to the stage at the Birley Centre on Sunday evening for a one-off performance.

Richard, who lost much or his hearing overnight in 2010 due to an infection, will be the focus of “An Audience With Composer Richard Einhorn”.

The New Yorker will discuss his music and personal story, especially in regards to composing and hearing loss.

He will show excerpts from his acclaimed oratorio Voices of Light, which was performed at the Barbican by the London Symphony in 2011 as well as other pieces.

Richardwill also discuss both living and composing with a serious hearing loss as well as his work as an advocate for the wider adoption of hearing loop technology in the United States.

His unique music has been described as “hauntingly beautiful” and has been critically acclaimed throughout the world.

Tickets for the Richard Einhorn performance are still available priced at £15.

For more information about the conferences or tickets to the “Audience with Richard Einhorn” then call 0300 111 1113 or email:

Tickets for the Birley Centre concert are also available from The Ear Foundation at: