Ming joins the celebration

LIBERAL Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell travelled to Eastbourne on Friday morning to join in the jubilant celebrations of the party's landslide victory in the town.

The party leader arrived by train and went immediately to Eastbourne seafront where the winners of the council seats had gathered for a victory march through the town centre.

He told them, "Didn't you do well! Eastbourne is a Conservative heartland and we have taken it. I bring you congratulations from London. This victory and tremendous result is a testament to all the hard work of the Liberal Democrat group over the last few years.

"It is clear the local residents felt that only the Liberal Democrats could lead the council and deliver a safer, fairer and greener Eastbourne.

"This gain shows that the Liberal Democrats are going from strength to strength in Eastbourne and will now begin work improving council services and delivering real change to the community."