Memory Lane group gets 1,000 members

Terminus Road
Terminus Road

A Facebook group looking back at Eastbourne’s history now has more than 1,000 members. A Facebook group now has more than 1,000 members.

The Gone but Not Forgotten – Eastbourne’s Vanished Shops group was started by Eastbournians Andrew Speed and Trevor Perks earlier this year and in just one month has seen its membership swell.

People post their old photographs of Eastbourne in its glory years along with their memories of shops and places.

Some of the most uploaded photohraphs on the Facebook page are of Terminus Road as it was in the 1970s before the Arndale Centre was built.

There is also a section on famous characters who lived in the town including Tommy Cooper who lived in Motcombe and 007 star Roger Moore.

Trevor Perks said, “I started the group on a whim after Andrew and I were reminiscing about a certain shop we both knew by a different name to what it’s called today. I never dreamt it would prove so popular with fellow nostalgic sentimentalists.

“What I particularly love is that it has not deteriorated into any kind of slanging match between members, which is what I’ve found tends to happen on other groups. Which goes to prove that Eastbournians tend to get along with each other and are far friendlier than I was led to believe they were when I was first told I was coming here to live and work all those years ago.”

The site is also proving popular with members.

Steve Holder, who now lives in France, said, “For me, it’s more than just memories on a page. I moved to France nearly ten years ago. I was born in Eastbourne, Christmas Day 1959, and until I moved, it was the only place I have lived. This page is a reminder of my roots, an education and a way of feeling like I am still there. Can’t thank Trevor and Andrew enough, makes me all nostalgic.”