Memorial service for homeless man

A HOMELESS man from Eastbourne has been found dead in a shop doorway.

Alan Walker was known as Big Dave and was a familiar figure on the streets for some years. The 54-year-old was often seen sitting on the benches at Banker’s Corner and also outside the Arndale Centre.

A father-of-four, Alan had worked as a nurse and lived in Worthing before his marriage broke up and he found himself living on the streets. He was a regular at the Salvation Army’s hot meal service and also at the Rebourne Day Centre.

Alan is believed to have left Eastbourne for Portsmouth last month after being told to move on by police officers in the town centre.

He boarded the coastal train to Portsmouth and was found dead in a shop doorway in the town on Saturday March 26. He is thought to have suffered a heart attack.

Pauline Peagam, at the Salvation Army, said, “I found him to be a quiet and reserved gentleman and everyone I met seemed to know him or know of him.

“He was respected by all those he came into contact with.

“He came regularly to Rebourne Corner to make use of the services provided for rough sleepers and appreciated the opportunity to sit and enjoy the company of other users of the facilities.

“Recently, Alan was beginning to make use of the other recreational activities provided by the centre, including finding great enjoyment using the computers.

“Being such a well-known character in Eastbourne he will surely be missed by all those who came across him during their day to day activities. He will certainly be missed by his friends at the Salvation Army.”

Alan’s funeral took place last week but the Salvation Army has organised a memorial service for anyone who knew him. The service is on April 13 at 11am at the Salvation Army Citadel in Langney Road.