Memorial Roundabout changes part of new cycle route

The new road layout at Memorial Roundabout
The new road layout at Memorial Roundabout

A new road layout at the Memorial Roundabout is part of a new cycle route in Eastbourne.

East Sussex County Council said the new white lines were painted on the roundabout so it is safer for cyclists.

The layout, which has left some motorists confused, has taken the roundabout down to one lane.

The council said this will encourage vehicles not to overtake cyclists on the roundabout.

An East Sussex County Council spokeswoman said, “The white markings on memorial roundabout have been introduced as part of a cycle route linking the town centre to the seafront.

“This new route forming part of a wider network of cycle routes aimed at increasing the number of people cycling in Eastbourne. The new lines on the roundabout aim to encourage vehicles to stay in their lane and not overtake cyclists.

“The proposal for the cycle route between the town centre and the seafront was subject to public consultation in January 2014.

“The results of the public consultation were presented to Eastbourne Borough Councils Cabinet and to the county council’s lead member for transport and environment at his decision making meeting in March 2014, where he agreed to take the town centre to seafront route and two other routes to detailed design and construction.”

The changes to the five-exit roundabout were made overnight on Monday (February 2).

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