Mary flies from USA for her Emins

American visitor looking at the patient's art work at St Wilfrid's Hospice
American visitor looking at the patient's art work at St Wilfrid's Hospice

The proud owners of the original Hockney and Emin postcards which were auctioned off for St Wilfrid’s Hospice have spoken about their successful bids, with the Emin collector flying from America for the occasion.

Patients and staff at St Wilfrid’s Hospice were delighted to welcome Mary Lipian from San Francisco who bought all four of the Tracey Emin postcards in the recent Big Art Secret fundraiser. She refused the offer from the hospice to send the postcards in the post and flew in last 
week especially to pick them up.

The online auction, which raised more than £50,000, saw hospice patients, volunteers and supporters being exhibited at Towner alongside some of the country’s most renowned artists such as David Hockney, cartoonist Matt and Emin who had donated four postcards to the auction.

Mary was lucky enough to secure all four having heard about the auction online and was keen to visit the hospice and meet those involved in the project.

She said, “I am thrilled with the four Tracey Emin drawings from the Big Art Secret.

“I admire her work immensely and the drawings are simply superb.

“I was so impressed with all the staff and the amazing work the hospice is doing. St Wilfrid’s is a wonderful charity and I am so proud to be able to support it.”

Having collected her postcards Mary took time to meet staff and patients and show them her much sought after postcards.

Sue Wyndham, who supports day therapy patients who want to get involved in art whilst at the hospice, was especially interested and took time to show Mary some of the art produced by the patients over the past few years.

The David Hockney postcard has also gone to a good home.

It was bought by Antony Jones, who runs the art department at St Andrew’s School in Meads. He lives in Meads and bid on the postcard online while enjoying a meal with a friend while on holiday in Sardinia.

He told the Herald, “We had enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and I said to my friend shall we buy it. I told her I was 95 per cent sure it was a Hockney so we went for it.”

Antony has been using Hockney’s work to help teach children for many years and was delighted to be able to take it to Beach Hut Courses, which is a holiday art club for youngsters.

He said, “I have always shown the children examples of Hockney’s work and I never anticipated that I would ever have an original in my hand to show them.”

The children created their own versions of the Hockney postcard and Antony’s nephew Harry Jachuck, who is a Year Seven pupil at St Andrew’s, sent his work off to David Hockney and is hoping for a response from the famous artist.