Man’s anger at ‘over-zealous’ Eastbourne parking warden

Mr Burgess' permit with the offending key
Mr Burgess' permit with the offending key

A man has called a parking warden’s behaviour ‘horrible’, ‘appalling’ and ‘unfair’ after he was handed a £70 fine despite having a relevant parking permit.

David Burgess said he received the fine from the county council for parking in Wharf Road on Tuesday (September 26) while going to see relatives, using a visitor’s permit.

When he saw the traffic warden giving him a ticket, Mr Burgess said he was told a small key ‘obstructing’ some of the permit meant it was not valid.

He said, “The over-zealous warden photographed it and all my private stuff in the car. I left a small key which obstructed a small part of the visitor permit and got a ticket.

“That’s absolutely being horrible. The tiny key wasn’t obstructing any of the text.

“I said to him ‘that’s unfair’. I have filed a complaint and am challenging this ticket.

“It was appalling behaviour.”

Approached by the Herald for a comment, an East Sussex County Council spokesman said, “The penalty charge notice was issued as our enforcement officer could see the key had been placed over another number that had been scratched out.

“The officer did act correctly as the terms and conditions outlined on the permit clearly state that if more than one day, date or month are scratched out, the permit is invalid.

“However, having considered Mr Burgess’s challenge and noting that he made what appears to be a genuine mistake, we will be cancelling the penalty charge notice on this occasion so he won’t have to pay.”